Years 5 & 6 PHSE Assembly on Rumours, Gossip and Kindness

5th October 2018

Years 5 & 6 have had a PSHE assembly themed around the subjects of   kindness, gossiping and rumours.  First, the children closed their eyes and imagined a time in the past when they had heard or spread a rumour or gossip.  They then discussed how being unkind or spreading rumors can really upset other people and even make them angry. The children then discussed what to do if someone is unkind and they came up with some   lovely ideas, such as walking away or speaking to an adult in school.  Finally, the children played a game where they passed a whispered message down a line.  This game helped them to understand how quickly and easily rumours can turn into something that isn’t true.  Instead of having a black labrador, it turns out Miss Williamson loves leprechauns!  Ask your child about the game and maybe even try it at home.  It is amazing how much a message can change when it is passed from person to person .