Year 6 - Microbe Investigation October 2018.

As part of Year 6’s Science lessons about living things (particularly microbes), and to celebrate the festival of Halloween, we investigated the decomposition of fruit using pumpkins. We designed our own ‘fair test’ style investigation to see how we could preserve the pumpkins for Mr Brown’s Halloween parties. First, we completed a full risk assessment of the investigation and decided we needed to wear goggles and gloves to prevent any toxic substances touching our skin. After this, when we were sure we could be safe, we carved our pumpkins and painted a fine coating of a liquid (water, yoghurt, bleach, lemon juice, milk or vinegar) around the inside of our pumpkin. After half term, we loved coming back in to our – very smelly! – classroom and checking how much fungi had grown on our pumpkins. Ask us what we know about microbes and preservation using acids and alkalis!