GEM - Online Survey and Privacy.

We worked with Julian from GEM Education today and took part in a survey all about our online activity. The questions asked about online games, social networking sites and inappropriate content. The final question asked about how much our parents actually know about the internet and how much we use and access it every day. 75% of the class thought that they knew more than their parents did. After the survey, we discussed various social networking sites and the appropriate age for each of them. Many of us in Year 5 are too young for the accounts yet still have one so it’s really important that we recognise how to be safe online. Julian showed us a video of a girl, who had no privacy settings on her accounts and was able to be contacted by a stranger. Because of this, the man was able to pretend to be someone else and take all of the girl’s private information. This put her in danger as the stranger was able to see what school she went to and find her in the local park after school. Afterwards, we discussed what we could do to prevent us from being in this situation like increasing all our privacy settings and never posting anything we wouldn’t want our parents/teachers to see.


Julian then showed us a blurred our Instagram account of a child in Year 6 from another school. He blurred out his face to protect his information. This boy didn’t have any privacy settings and had posted pictures of his family and friends in their school uniform. We gave him some advice and said that he needs to THINK before he CLICKS. He could have asked an adult or even used google to find out how to lock down his social media accounts. We thought back to a video Julian had showed us before where a cyber-bullied child had been threatened with violence and death. The police became involved because of this and Joe got the help he needed to feel better. This led to our discussion about what we post on our social media. Julian explained that when you write something online, it is there forever and anyone might be able to access it. He showed us an example in a video of a girl who was at a job interview. During the interview, the employer brought up old tweets that the girl had made which showed horrible comments made about another girl when she was at school. Because of this, the girl was not given the job. Therefore, everything that we post on social media can affect others and us around us now, and also in the future.