Year 5 - Science.

Year 5 - Science

Children began by drawing what they thought a scientist looked like stereotypically (a lot of children drew a crazy, male scientist with wild, grey hair in a lab coat holding potions). After this, they had to choose three random people from a choice of men and women to take on their expedition to space – as predicted, many of the boys chose three males and the girls chose three females. Children also went down the route of choosing people with glasses because they ‘looked smart’. To address the children’s misconceptions of what scientists are/can be, using the iPad, they researched 6 famous female astronauts from NASA. From the information they found, they created a timeline and top trumps which they were able to play with, against their friends when completed. At the end of the lesson, children were given the task to think about whether their perception had changed about the way a scientist looked and had to re-draw their representation of a scientist after investigating astronauts. Well done, Year 5!