Y4 Working with Newcastle University Eco Society

23rd November 2018

As part of the Science Curriculum, Year 4 welcomed Miriam, Robin, Levi  and their plant Gunther from the Eco Society at Newcastle University!  The children worked in groups to help Gunther by thinking of things that they could do to improve the Earth’s environment. They discussed animals, plants, the ground beneath our feet and the air we breathe. They found out that people are creating more carbon dioxide then plants can cope with because of farming, manufacturing and car usage. They were full of enthusiasm for the project and they created fabulous posters which show all the ways that they can help to improve the environment and save energy.  Some of their ideas included:

  • walking, cycling or scootering to school,
  • playing outside rather than on electrical devices;
  • eating less meat because of the gases the animals release into the atmosphere;
  • reusing/recycling products to create less demand;
  • picking up litter so that people can enjoy being outside in our local community.