Volcano Debates in Year 4

24th March 2017

Using their talk-based learning skills, children in Y4 held a debate to discuss whether or not people should be allowed to live near volcanoes. They tried to make it as close to a House of Commons debate as possible by standing up when they wanted to make a point and shouting, “Here, here!”  The children used their learning from Geography, PSHE and English during the debate.  

They came up with the following arguments for:  tourism brings jobs and money into the area, volcanic lava can be mined and used for building materials, and geothermal energy is clean and renewable.  

They came up with the following arguments against:  health problems are caused by ash and frequent earthquakes bring a risk of property damage and even death.  

Examples of some of the points that they made during the debate are as follows: 

"On the one hand, farming near a volcano can be really good because the volcanic soil is very fertile and can produce good crops." 

"However, if the volcano erupts, ash can destroy the farm crops. Consequently, local people will have less food to eat and will not make as much money from trade."