School Council for 2017-18

22nd September 2017

Year 1 - Year 6 classes have held elections for our School Council for 2017-18.  Two children have been elected from each year group and they will have the responsibility of representing the children in their classes in School Council meetings with Miss Liddle.  These elections help children to learn about the democratic process and through their representatives, the children in school have a ‘pupil voice’.  With their classes, the School Council will decide on the projects that they would like to work on throughout the year and they will have the opportunity to present the ideas and opinions from their classes to Mrs Stuart and the Governors.  We have also created a new role of School Sports Rep who will be responsible for reporting about sporting events and   announcing sporting awards in assembly.  Congratulations to these children:

Year 1 - Scott & Lily

Year 2 - Lily-Jo & Sophia

Year 3 - George & Daniel

Year 4 - Abgail & Isla

Year 5 - Callum M & Stephen

Year 6 - Kadin & Katie

School Sports Rep - Oliver in Year 6