School Council & Pupil Voice

17th March 2017

As part of our pastoral work at break times, we have a suggestions box where children can share their ideas about how to improve their time on the yard.  Throughout Spring Term, our School Council have taken some of these suggestions back to their classes for discussion and the children in KS1 said that they would like to see more play equipment in their yard.  School Council asked Mrs Stuart if they could have a budget for buying some new equipment and Miss Liddle let them choose some new things from a catalogue.  The photographs above show the children enjoying the hoops, scoops and ribbon tail balls that they have chosen.   

School Council provides a forum for our children to use their Pupil Voice which means that they are   involved in decisions that affect their well-being.  The Councillors gather the opinions of children across the school and feed that information back to help make our school a better place for everyone.