Safer Internet Day.

Year 4 have really enjoyed safer internet day and had loads of fun completing different activities.

In mathematics, we looked at data collected by Ofcom in 2018 about children’s use of technology. We were shocked to find that most 8-11 year olds use technology to watch TV, go online or play games for around 36 and a half hours a week. That is more than one full day! Many children in Year 4 thought that this is too much and they should spend more time doing fun things with their family.

We thought about our digital footprint and what we like to use technology for and its benefits.

We looked at the rights we should have when using the internet and discussed in groups which is the most important. It was very difficult and we had lots of different ideas and we thought that all of the statements were very important.

We created choices wheels and looked at a range of dilemmas. We thought about the choices we would make when responding to these.