Safer Internet day.

This year’s global theme for Internet Safety Day 2019 was ‘Together for a better internet.’ Year 5 spent the first hour of the morning looking at three scenarios which could often happen online. The children used hot-seating to discuss the scenarios from different points of view and then wrote in the first person as three different people in the scenario, giving their perspective on the situation. From each person’s point of view, the children commented on what happened, how they felt about it and what they would do as this person.

After break, the children took part in a PSHE activity in the hall. Year 5 were put into groups of 4 who they may often have conflict with to try and work together as a team. The children drew around a peer in their group and then labelled their person: Around the outside of the person were scenarios that involve being safe online, inside the top of the body was how you would feel if you were to experience these scenarios and finally inside the bottom half of the body was advice on how you could overcome a problem if you were to face it. We can’t wait to showcase our work to our grown-ups in our parent showcase later in the week!