Broxfield Farm Trip.

All the Reception children visited Mr Thompson's farm, Broxfield Farm Alnwick.
Mr Thompson showed the children his season hats, a hat for each season.
The children were shown our to carefully wash their hands, especially after visiting the cow shed.
Mr Thompson then led us all to the cow shed where the young calves were housed. We look at different types of seeds and grains that is grown on Mr Thompson's farm. The children got a chance to grind the wheat and turn it into flour. On the way to the big cow shed shed we stopped and looked at a tractor with a full bucket of cow poo, their sleeping area was being cleaned out.
In the big cow shed there were lots of calves who all began mooing when the children entered, they knew they were going to be fed. The children got to see all the calf's features such as their types of hair styles, eye colours and the huge big tongues.
The noise was getting louder as the calves wanted their food so Mr Thompson brought in some sacks of Barley for the children to feed the calves. The noise soon stopped!
The best part of the day was making Scarecrows.
Mr Thompson brought in wooden braces and a big bag of old clothes.
The children were soon quickly gathering lots of straw to fill and stuff their Scarecrow then some painted paper plates for a face. Once all done the groups of children showed off their Scarecrow to the others. All looked amazing and lots of dancing in the Scarecrow fashion parade.