Procedures for Unwell Children

8th January 2016

What happens when a child is unwell in school?

The procedures for taking care of a child who becomes ill or is injured while in school are detailed in our Health and Safety Policy (available on the school website).  These procedures have not changed and are listed below:

  • If a child tells a teacher they are not feeling well, the teacher talks to the child in order to find out if the child is genuinely unwell.  It is common for children to say they have a headache or sore tummy, especially after lunch or playtime or even when they are nervous about trying something new.
  • If the teacher is concerned about the child, they ask Mrs Stuart, Mr Kidger, Miss Newton or Mrs Marwick to come to see the child.  These senior leaders work with the teacher to decide if a child is too unwell to continue with their day.
  • If everyone agrees that the child is too ill to stay in school, the parents/carers are contacted to ask them to collect the child from school.
  • While waiting for the parent, the child is kept comfortable.  We have cushions, bean bags, sofas and other comfortable places for children to rest while they are waiting to be collected.  An adult always stays with the child until the parent arrives.
  • If we feel that a child is well enough to stay in school, we will encourage them to stay and keep a close eye on them.    
  • We have staff in all phases of the school who are trained to a high level of first aid and these first aiders see to any child who has had an accident in school.
  • If the first aider is concerned about an injury, they again consult with one of the senior leaders in school and decide if a child needs medical treatment.
  • If the child needs medical treatment, the parent/carer is contacted and, if necessary, an ambulance is called to the school.
  • If the injury is to the child’s head (which always carries a risk of concussion) the parent/carer is informed at the time of the incident, even if the child seems well.  The parent/carer will be asked if they want to come up to school and check their child themselves.  The teacher will then keep an eye on child to ensure that they don’t become unwell later in the day.
  • An accident form is filled out for every injury and a copy of the form is provided to the parent at the end of the day.