Poetry Day 03.10.19.

A week after their immersion in the great outdoors at Hawkhirst, 6B enjoyed opening their collection of Ted Hughes’ poetry inspired by nature. To celebrate National Poetry Day’s theme of Truth, the children went outside to contrast idealised views of nature with the reality of fighting for survival in a thriving eco-system. Inspired by their memories of pitting themselves against the elements, they composed the following poem together.

Year 6B poem.

Soaked, bedraggled, exhausted,     

I staggered onto the deep, cloying mud of the Kaleidoscopic island.                  

The pellucid skin of my knuckles, puckered by the vast September tide,

Had torn clean back revealing ruby-red beads of chilled pulsating blood.             

I teetered and collapsed into a fist of razor-sharp reeds,                              

My lesions salved by the lurking mist.  

I heaved in air through a mighty smile: my prize!