Parent Forum with Mrs Stuart

2nd May 2014

Parent Forum Meeting with Mrs Stuart, Friday 25th April 2014

New Logo on the Uniform

Mrs Stuart told the parents at the meeting that any new uniform that is produced will have the new logo, however, both logos will be accepted on our school uniform.  When sewn onto the uniform, the two logos look very similar and it is difficult to tell them apart.  Therefore, parents agreed that they were happy with the change to uniform provided that:

Parents are free to choose when to buy uniform with the new logo – no one will be expected to replace their old uniform.
There is no stigma attached to the old uniform – it is communicated to school staff, parents and pupils that there is no difference between the logos and that both are equal.
Because Tots to Teams is still carrying stock with the old logo, parents would like the opportunity to buy it at a reduced price.

Mrs Stuart agreed to all of these points and confirmed that she would expect uniform with the new logo to be available to buy over the summer.


Mrs Stuart asked parents for their views on homework.  She suggested that a change to the day when homework was set (Monday, to hand in by Friday) would free up weekends for families.  She said that we are also looking at a change to the way that we support pupils with homework with morning drop-in sessions instead of homework club.  Parents said:

They agreed that it would be lovely to have weekends that did not include homework, however, they were concerned about the number of activities that many children do after school which might make it difficult for children to finish homework during the week.
If homework was set on a Monday, it will give children more time to ask questions when they don’t understand the homework.
Parents who had children in Middle or Secondary school felt that it would be good practise for our pupils as they will be expected to do homework during the week when they leave primary school.
Morning drop-in sessions would be very helpful, especially if parents were able to use them to work with the teacher to support their children with homework.
Parents would like to have different types of strategies to support their children with homework, such as:

Homework explanation labels in the books that are sent home (like those used in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1).
‘How to’ guides for each subject, for example, Mr Kidger’s guide to Numeracy.
Samples of work which show parents what they age-related expectations look like.
Levels don’t mean a great deal to parents – examples of work are much more helpful.
Use PACTs to tell and show parents how to support their children in specific subjects.

Parents love seeing their children’s work through the ‘Three Rings’ website.  Some year groups are better at sending work home than others – we need more consistency throughout the school.  The more work sent home, the better!
Parents would like to have ‘Talking Corner’ back on the newsletter.  It was helpful to have specific things to ask children about school.

Mrs Stuart said that she would take this helpful feedback back to the school staff for discussion.  Further information about homework and how we can better support children and parents will be coming home soon.

School Vision

Mrs Stuart explained that pupils, staff, parents and governors have been working on a new school vision throughout this year.  We are now at the point of choosing the words for our vision statement and we asked the parents to come up with some descriptive words that they feel sum up the school.  These words will be combined with the pupil, staff and governor words and turned into a shared vision statement.  Once we have some ideas for the vision statement, we will share them with all parents.

Suggestions for Future Topics for Parent Forums

Scholarship Fund
School Dinners
Road Safety

If you would like to suggest a topic for discussion with Mrs Stuart, please see Mrs Comstock and she will add it to the list.