Y5 WOW Traffic Survey & Air Pollution Monitor Maths Lesson

11th October 2019

As part of our Walk to School ‘WOW’ project and year 5’s current maths topic (statistics), we took a trip down to the school gates and conducted a traffic survey on Hexham Road. Our observations found that cars were the most commonly used mode of transport and this is causing many detrimental effects to people’s health and safety in our community. We displayed our results in a table and made several  conclusions and comparisons using the data.


In another lesson, we used the data from our Air Pollution Tracker that sits on Hexham Road. We compared the morning data from 18th September (a normal school day) to the data on 20th September when we held our ‘walking bus’ event from Sainsbury’s. The data showed a reduction to the pollution levels from cars and other vehicles.  We displayed the data on a line graph like the one above to show the  difference our walk to school event made. Well done again to everyone who walked to school on that day - we all helped to reduce the pollution levels in our community.