New Home/School Agreement

29th September 2017

Partnership Agreement and Co-operation Between Home and School

In your child’s book bag today are two copies of our revised Home/School Agreement .  As you will be aware from your Meet the Teacher Sessions and from our correspondence about Parent App, we have updated our Behaviour Policy and our Rewards and Sanctions.  The Partnership Agreement  between parents/carers and the school now reflects this new policy.

  • Page 1 describes the values that we are promoting in school and the specifics of the Rewards (which are shared with you through Parent App) and Sanctions.
  • Page 2 lists the responsibilities of the school, the child and the child’s family.

We work in partnership with you to educate your child and to ensure that they have every opportunity for success in Throckley Primary School.  This agreement clearly states how we will work with your family and also shows you how you can support the work that we do in school.  Mrs Stuart has signed the agreement on behalf of the school.  Please read through and discuss the agreement with your child and then sign the document in the ‘Parent/Carer’ box .  If your child is old enough, ask them to sign in the ‘Pupil’ box.  Once you have signed the document, please return one copy to the School Office.  If you have any questions or comments about this agreement, please speak to your child’s class teacher.  

Please find a copy of the Home/School Agreement in the document below.