New Achievements Programme for 2017-18

21st July 2017

We have been looking for ways to reward the outstanding behaviours that we see in our school every day and we are excited to announce our new Achievement and Behaviour Programme which will start on the first day of school in September.  Children will be able to earn achievement points and then share those achievements with you through Parent App.  The achievement points will be linked to our whole school values:

  • Learning

We show effort and determination.  We use our best handwriting and take care with the presentation of our work.  We work hard to learn our times tables and spellings.  

  • Caring

We are a good friend to the other children in our class and to the children in the rest of the school.  We always look for ways to help others.  We respect the adults and children in school.  We take care of our school and look after school property.

  • Respect

We have good manners and are polite to other children and adults.  We are thoughtful and respect the feelings, wishes, and rights of others.  We look after our local environment and understand that we take care of the global environment as well.

  • Teamwork

We are outstanding role models and great team players.  We demonstrate excellent sportsmanship when playing games with our friends or when competing outside of school.  We understand that our  talking and listening skills are important and practise them with our teachers and friends.

  • Success

We enjoy rising to a challenge and strive to achieve our goals.  We celebrate our own achievements and those of the other children, including accomplishments from outside of school.  We know that we need to be in school every day and on time in order to have the chance to do our best.

  • Pride

We take pride in our work, our behaviour and our school.