National Poetry Day in Year 6B.

As part of school’s celebrations for National Poetry Day, we all adopted the theme of ‘Change’. As part of this, we analysed a famous poem called ‘Words Not Spoken’ by Beatrice Boyle, and explored the emotional and physical changes within the city of London. After analysing this poem, we worked collaboratively to write our own class version of a World War Two poem. You can read it below or watch a video of us reciting it!


 The Change of War


Magic melodies, super singing, delicate dancing, loud laughter,

Dazzling dancing fills my heart with joy,

Food piled high would be fit for a King,

Lovely London holds on to you like a leash.


Screaming sirens, booming bullets, cautious children, anxious adults,

Fear flooding through my brain,

Planes screaming in the skies above,

Buildings fall around me like rain.


Wailing, chugging trains, screaming brakes and then nothing…

New city, new home, new family,

The countryside is like my home now,

Lovely London feels like a distant memory.


Sobbing, shouting, cheering and laughter,

Bombs scattered around like seeds on a field,

London’s new rubble screams out to be cleaned,

The sweet scent of home floods my nostrils.


Crying, Laughing, Building, Rejoicing,

Triumph and tears walk together,

The sun shines its beams on London once again,

Lovely London, welcome home.