Year 5G Enterprise Visit to the Throckley North Development

24th May 2018

Year 5G had an amazing visit today to our new pitch behind the school in the Throckley North Development site.  The trip started with a presentation from Sirius, the company who is currently working on the site, preparing it for the building of the new houses.  The children learned about the different jobs that the people who work for Sirius are doing and the qualifications needed to do those jobs.  Ask your children to tell you about the ‘planners’, the ‘doers’, the ‘checkers’ and the ‘improvers’.  The children also learned about the equipment that is being used on the site and how Sirius keeps its staff safe. 

Sirius have finished levelling and preparing our new sports pitch using huge machines which were shipped in all the way from Canada!  The children were allowed to climb into the machines so that they could imagine what it would be like to drive them across the site.  They also stood on the pitch and imagined all of the fun that they will having playing sports there in just a few month’s time. 

Thank you so much to Greenwich Hospital who arranged for this trip and for some lovely goody bags for the children and thank you to the people from Sirius who took the time to organise this exciting visit!