Health-Related Behaviour Survey Results

25th May 2017

2017 Health-Related Behaviour Survey Results

Earlier in the year, our Y4 and Y6 classes took part in a city-wide survey to determine the health-related attitudes and behaviours of young people across Newcastle.  The surveys were completely anonymous and over 1000 children took part.  They were asked age-appropriate questions about:  physical activity, healthy eating, body changes, smoking, drugs & alcohol, worries, bullying and internet safety.  The surveys also looked into their feelings about their school and their relationships with their friends.  Newcastle City Council will use the results from this survey to find out if there are city-wide problems that need to be addressed and we will use the results to plan our Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) curriculum for the upcoming year.

The results show our school has seen improvements across several of the areas since 2015, when the last survey was completed.  We were especially pleased to find that our children are much more aware of online safety and better understand how to keep themselves safe when using the internet.

  • In 2015 38% responded that they had seen pictures online that were for adults only compared to only 5% in 2017.  In 2015 34% of the children said that they used internet chat rooms or social networking sites ‘very often/every day’ compared with only 7% in 2017.  Congratulations to parents/carers as this data shows that there have also been big improvements in the internet safety of the children while at home.
  • We have seen significant improvements in the children’s reporting on bullying with only 5% reporting that they felt they had been bullied on or near school in the last 12 months.  This compares to 26% in 2015.  Additionally, more children responded that the school takes bullying seriously with 90% agreeing in 2017 compared to 60% in 2015.
  • Children in Throckley reported improved levels of self–esteem in 2017.  62% reported that they have high levels of self-esteem (compared to 31% in 2015) and only 12% reported that they have medium-low self-esteem (compared to 33% in 2015).
We have also received the results for how Throckley children compare with others across the city and we are very pleased that our children had higher scores in all but two of the areas (smoking in the home and eating take away/fast foods).  The comparison results are as follows:
  Throckley Newcastle
Their views and opinions are listened to in school.  84%  51%
Their opinions make a difference to how school is run.  52%  27%
People of different backgrounds are valued in school.  84%  60%
School cares if they are happy or not.  84%  70%
They follow advice about how to stay safe online.  98%  80%
They think that school takes bullying seriously.    90%  70%
They think they are bullied because of their size/weight.  0%  16%
They have been bullied at/near school in last 12 months.  5%  22%
They have been to the dentist in the last year.  92%  76%
They know enough about how their body will change.    75%  57%
Their parents/carers smoke at home.    58%  33%
They ‘rarely or never’ eat takeaway/fast foods.  19%  36%

Across the city 75% of children in these year groups reported that they worry ‘a lot or quite a lot’ about the following things:  SATs/tests, crime, the environment, the way that they look, family problems, problems with friends, body changes, health problems, bullying and school work/homework.  Fewer Throckley children (62%) also worry about these issues, but we feel that this score is still too high.  We will be looking at how our PHSE work across the school can support our children with these worries.

We thank the children in these classes and their parents/carers for supporting the school to participate in this survey.  We are proud of the results and the information will be extremely helpful when developing our future PSHE curriculum.  All of these issues are important to the health and well-being of the children in our school and we will work to ensure that the Throckley Primary survey results continue to improve.