Mathematics Across the Curriculum at Throckley Primary

The National Curriculum (p.103) states:

Maths skills should be taught across all curriculum subjects. The new framework advises that “Teachers should use every relevant subject to develop pupils’ mathematical fluency. Teachers should develop pupils’ numeracy and mathematical reasoning in all subjects so that they understand and appreciate the importance of mathematics”.

At Throckley Primary we believe that is important to teach maths skills across a range of other subject are. This allows children to gain an context for the skills being taught and allows them to understand that maths is an important skill that runs through many subjects in the curriculum.

Maths across the curriculum work can be seen in a range of subject areas and is highlighted by staff by the use of maths across the curriculum stickers. Class teachers also produce eBooks to highlight the maths work they do in other subject areas. Some of these can be seen below: