Kindness (Anti-Bullying) Week

18th November 2016

Kindness (Anti-bullying) Week - activities and learning across the school

  •  Nursery used the story of the Rainbow Fish to learn about the qualities of a good friend.  They  also spent time talking about how people feel when we are kind and how they feel when we are unkind.
  • Reception used an image of a little elf all by himself.  They spent time discussing why he might be all by himself and completed a mind map full of possible questions to ask him. They then decided that he might not know how to make friends and made this the focus for the rest of the week. They  have made him a house so he has somewhere safe to live and invite friends to play, written cards, letters and top tips about how to be a friend, made friendship bracelets and helping hands.  They used circle times and other activities to think about themselves and how they are good friends.
  • Year 1 have designed their own super hero and described the qualities that made their super hero a good friend.  Today they have done some Pudsey writing about anti-bullying as well as an   experiment using an apple to show how being unkind can hurt you inside.
  • Year 2 have taken part in a mindfulness session where they considered the good qualities that they have in themselves.  They then worked through a scenario where someone said something unkind to them.  They considered how they would respond if someone was unkind and thought about how to make good choices and do the right thing when responding to the unkindness.
  • Year 3 have been applying skills around the context of bullying. They created direct speech for their superhero and created a comic strip using onomatopoeia.
  • Year 4 have been thinking about how to make other people happy.  They have made a kindness box and put in three compliments about each other—one about personality, one about               appearance and one about work.  They then discussed how those compliments made them feel.
  • Year 5 & 6 have been learning about their Human Rights, prejudice, tolerance, diversity and     stereotypes.  They have identified examples of prejudice and stereotyping  in the media.