Great North Exhibition

20th July 2018

Classes in Year 1 - Year 6 visited the Great North Exhibition during the summer term.  The older classes visited the Innovative Trail which started at the Discovery Museum where they had the chance to see Stephenson’s rocket and walk through a science maze. From there, they walked to the Miner’s Institute where they solved challenges about LEGO sculptures. At RBS they were shown what buildings in the future will look like and at Ryder Architecture they learned about the Hyperloop that architects believe will be the next mode of transport to evolve! 

We are particularly proud of our Year 2 classes who impressed the staff at the Hancock Museum so much, that they wrote this special letter to Mrs Stuart. 

‘We wanted to write to tell you what a fantastic time we had with your classes this afternoon during their visit to the Great North Museum: Hancock.  Sam has just come back to the office to tell me what a lovely, hard working group Mrs Wright’s class were and how well they engaged with all the activities she was running with them.  She has just described them as a really lovely group, with children who were interested in so many different aspects of the Great North Exhibition of the North and with aspirations towards so many future careers.  Emma, who had Miss Pendlington’s class, also found your children a really delightful group and both have described year 2 as a credit to your school. They were well behaved and were a delight to have in the building’.