Home Time Procedures

13th October 2017

Home Time and Clubs Protocols

We have recently revised some of our procedures around home time and clubs collections and we therefore wanted to outline some key information for parents.

Collection at 3.15pm

  • If a Class teacher has any doubts or concerns about who is collecting a child, they will always take the child to the school office and check arrangements. This may involve a phone call home. Please be patient with us if this occurs; our aim is always to ensure that all children are safe.
  • If you would like someone different to collect your child, please inform the school office as soon as possible and they will pass this message on to the Class Teacher.
  • If a child is not collected from the yard on time, they will be taken from the yard to the rotunda at 3.20pm. At 3.30pm (3.15pm for Early years), if the child has not been collected, they will be placed in Cuba Club at a cost to the parent of £6.50 for a session until 5.15pm or £8.00 for a session until 5.45pm.
  • Any parent or carer who arrives later than 3.20pm (3.15pm for Early Years) to collect their child will be asked to complete a late collection form. This form will detail the reasons for the late collection and is a way for us to monitor how regularly this occurs.

Collection at 4.15pm after clubs

  • If you do not wish for your child to attend their club on a specific day, please contact the school office as soon as possible.  Please note that the office must speak to an adult; cancellations cannot be accepted from a child.  This message will then be passed to the Class Teacher and the club leader. Please note that children who miss more than one week at a club may lose their place, due to the popularity of each extra-curricular activity.
  • If you arrive on the yard wishing to collect your child who is on the list for a club that evening, they will already have been sent to club. You can, of course, collect your child however you will need to report to the school office who will inform the club leader that your child needs to leave. They will then be brought to the school office to meet you.
  • At the end of a club, children will leave from pre-arranged doors. The procedures followed by the club leaders are the same as those followed by Class Teachers at the end of the school day.

Thank you for your understanding on the matters outlined above. As always, our aim is simply to keep all of our pupils safe. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you have any questions or if you would like to clarify arrangements for your child.