Health Related Behaviour Survey

17th March 2017

As a school we are always happy to find out about the views of the children in our care. The results from the 2017 Health Related Behaviour Survey (completed by Y4 & Y6) are extremely positive. We are able to make direct comparisons with the 2015 survey and are pleased to report that we have made progress in the vast majority of areas. This shows the impact our outstanding curriculum and pastoral care have on the learning and development of the children.

We are especially pleased to tell you that:

  • 21% increase in the number of children wearing cycle safety helmets in comparison to 2015      results.
  • 85% of children think they are fit or very fit.  
  • 87% enjoy physical activity quite a lot or a lot.
  • 95% answered no when asked 'Have you been bullied at or near school in the last 12 months?' 
  • 90% of children think school takes bullying seriously (30% increase from 2015 results).
  • 93% of children said they have been told how to stay safe when using the Internet. 100% of those
  • children follow the advice given. 
  • 93% of children think their achievements in school are recognised.
  • 83% think that school cares about whether they are happy or not.
  • 95% feel happy talking to other children. 
  • 93% think school encourages everyone to take part in decisions. 
  • 84% felt their views and opinions are listened to through School Council, talking to teachers,    talking to other adults and talking to peer mentors/playground leaders.

Our survey results will now be compared with other results across the city and we will share with you how we compare with other schools in Newcastle.