Health and Wellbeing week.

We have had an amazing Health & Wellbeing Week with special events happening in all classes across the school.  We made the best of Sports Day, despite the wet weather, and the children enjoyed a morning of fun activities out on the back yard.  We welcomed some of the local sports teams in for an information fair so that our families could find out how children can attend cricket, street dancing and football training near to Throckley. 
Several groups have been to Benfield School to take part in Schools 500 sports competitions. 

As part of our Walk to School ‘WOW’ project, Year 5 took a trip down to the school gates and conducted a traffic survey on Hexham Road. Our observations found that cars were the most used mode of transport and this is causing many detrimental effects to people’s health and safety. We displayed our information in a bar graph and made some comparisons using the data. Our work was showcased in the hall afterschool for all parents and carers to see!

Chartwells sponsored some healthy eating workshops which included sessions on Healthy Snacks for Reception and Year 1 and a smoothie bike for children in KS2.  
Finally, we ended the week with a showcase of our WOW (Walk to School Once per Week) work for parents and carers.  Please ask your children to tell you about all of the learning that they have done this week about keeping themselves fit and healthy.