Charlie Communication - on of our LORIC Skills

23rd February 2018

As you know, we have been focusing on LORIC skills for life across the curriculum this year and so far, children have explored the skills of initiative, resilience and organisation. We have been delighted to see the impact of this work and we continue to be impressed by children showing their new skills during lesson time and on the yard.  This half term, we will be meeting Charlie Communication! It's important to remember how essential communication is in all areas of life and we will be exploring together how we can develop these skills in different scenarios; from playing with our friends, to having the confidence to communicate more formally in lessons by sharing our thinking with a friend, a group or the whole class. Listening is a big part of being a good communicator therefore we will also be exploring how we can develop this skill and discussing why listening is crucial to success. Look out for stickers and achievement stars as we celebrate communication skills across school!