Safer Internet Day Showcase

12th February 2015
We were pleased to welcome so many of you to our eSafety Showcase.  The children did a wonderful job of sharing their learning with their parents/carers, younger brothers and sisters, Phil Mcbride (our eSafety expert) and Mrs Stuart.  They have learned so much during the curriculum week and they are confident that they have lots of strategies to help keep themselves safe when they are online.
The most important part of internet safety is for parents/carers to have regular conversations with their children about what they are doing online,  In order to help you start a conversation, we list below two short films that you can watch at home.  These films have strong messages, so be sure to view them before you watch them with your children.
NSPCC 'Lucy and the Boy'
Child Exploitation and Online Protection's film, 'Jigsaw'