E-Safety Toolkit Assembly

3rd February 2017

Miss Sewell, our IT Co-ordinator, is running a series of e-safety assemblies. She will be using a story which will introduce the children to a new e-safety tool each week. This week it was about a Penguin who was using his tablet when a pop-up appeared. He tried to close it but it took him somewhere else. He was worried about this and the children talked about what he should do. The children knew straight away that he should tell a grown-up and they discussed some of the reasons why he may not want to tell (worried about getting into trouble, breaking the tablet, etc.) The children then offered examples of when this had happened to them and how they had told their grown-ups. The children understood that they must always tell a grown-up if something pops up that they haven't asked to see and that they would never get into trouble for it. This was the first tool for their e-safety toolkit.