Curriculum Intent

At Throckley Primary School, we are committed to providing a purposeful and empowering curriculum that fully prepares learners for the next steps in their school career, as well as the challenges of the wider world. A curriculum in which core literacy and numeracy skills are at the heart of all we do and in which children are engaged and excited to learn. We believe that knowledge and skill are intrinsically linked and therefore balance our curriculum on the acquisition of prepositional and procedural knowledge: our curriculum is skills based and knowledge-rich. We believe that our children should have the opportunity to study all areas of the curriculum in greater depth, therefore our areas of study span a whole term and are led by enquiry. Our ‘concept led’ curriculum is driven by key questions, big ideas and the understanding that all of our learning is linked through experience, perception and connections which unite us with the wider world.

Our curriculum is underpinned by four drivers:

Enquire, Experience, Connect, Master.

Enquire: Learning has a context and focus. Our children are curious and ask questions to further their understanding. National Curriculum subjects are connected by the identification of key concepts and big ideas. Children are supported in developing their sense of self and in identifying their place in the wider world; they are better able to overcome adversity through developing their cultural capital by understanding the world outside of where they live, while appreciating their locality.

Experience: We strive to create active and responsible citizens who value their place in society and are driven by aspiration and curiosity; learning extends beyond the school gates with key experiences underpinning the knowledge and skills acquired within each area of study. 

Connect: The knowledge and skills gained at each stage of study is vital: it will link to what has gone before and what is yet to come through an interconnected narrative. Learning is connected both across subjects and year groups through a concept-led curriculum, with technical and ambitious vocabulary at its heart. Through a rigorous approach to basic skills, we ensure that children can access the wider curriculum fully; we strive to deliver a robust approach to the development of early reading, meaning that all children learn to read during their early years and Key Stage One, and ‘read to learn’ during Key Stage Two. Children read widely and are encouraged to form their own beliefs through experience; observation; quality talk and debate; a wider sense of self; and the ability to reason and justify.

Master: All children have the opportunity to apply their knowledge across the curriculum through carefully planned and authentic outcomes. The time spent on an area of study allows children the time to reflect on their learning and make deeper connections, meaning that they are able to do more than simply perform; they become masters of their own knowledge. Children have the opportunity to self-regulate and work independently meaning outcomes are varied and rich. Our curriculum has been planned by the subject experts within our school to ensure that new learning is underpinned by concept-led connections, meaning that learning over time becomes a narrative which is extended as children progress through each area of study.