Countdown to Spring Attendance Challenge

10th January 2020

The children loved our Countdown to Christmas Attendance Challenge, so we have decided to run a special Countdown to Spring challenge for the next 25 days.  Mrs Edmundson has designed a lovely Spring display board with three flower pots that each represent one area of the school (Early Years, Lower School and Upper School).  This board will be used to track the attendance  prizes.  Children can win the following throughout the challenge:

  • A prize and a certificate for one 100% pupil in each class over the 5 weeks.  This will be drawn out of a hat.
  • A prize and a certificate for the most improved attender in each class chosen by class teachers.
  • A daily spot prize (one per phase) for those pupils who are in school on that day.  This will be drawn out of a hat and winners of these spot prizes will be displayed on the flowers.