Art Week.

As our art topic this half term is ‘to take inspiration from the greats’, we chose to look at the abstract work by Piet Mondrian and linked this with the ‘Strung Together’ piece by Duy Huynh (the image chosen for art week across the school). To begin with, we looked at the original Duy Huynh piece and thought about what we noticed and what this piece represented. After we found out the name of the piece of art, our opinions changed and we were able to give deeper understandings of the artist’s motive. Thinking more closely about the name ‘Strung Together’, we applied this to our own lives and identified things that string our life together such as family, friends, pets and hobbies. We illustrated these in our books as the tree’s roots (similar to what Duy did with string instruments). As Mondrian only used primary colours in his abstract work, we emulated this style and took inspiration for our final piece. Our final piece included us drawing our own Mondrian style grids and painting these with primary colours. We considered Mondrian’s techniques of avoiding two of the same colour being next to each other.  On top of our painted grids, we added the ‘roots’ to our painting using bubble and bang shapes. We kept to the primary colour trend and connected our ‘roots’ using string as inspired by Duy.