Amazing Autumn Clubs

22nd September 2017

Our after school and lunch clubs are now in full swing and children in Years 1 - 6 are enjoying a huge range of different sporting, creative and academic clubs.  The sports on offer include football and   gymnastics for all ages plus dodgeball, basketball and netball for KS2.  We have a choir for both KS1 & KS2 who will be learning songs for performances throughout the term and we also have arts & crafts clubs for both key stages.  For the children who love STEM subjects we are offering Lego & ICT,   Magical Maths and Raspberry Pi. 

Research carried out by the Nuffield Foundation has shown that participation in clubs increases the academic results of children in primary school.  The researchers also discovered that children who  participated in organised sports and physical activities during primary school had better social,       emotional and behavioural skills than those who did not take part.  At Throckley Primary we are very proud of the wide range of clubs that we offer our children at lunchtime and after school.  Our teachers plan their clubs carefully to make sure that the children have a great experience and learn new skills while having fun with their friends.