Achievement Star Value Focus: Caring

10th January 2020

In the Spring 1 half term we will be focussing on our core value of caring.  Please look out for Achievement Stars on your Parent App when your child is especially caring at school.

Core values at Throckley Primary

Learning:  Using creativity and challenge in order to inspire a love of learning, which lays the        foundations for later success.

Caring:  Providing a nurturing and supportive environment where lasting friendships flourish.

Respect:  Valuing each other and our environment, embracing our differences and celebrating        individuality.

Teamwork:  Working together as a whole school community, creating opportunities and widening    horizons.

Success:  Promoting excellence through high expectations; pushing the boundaries of achievement for all.

Pride:  Pride in our community; pride in our achievements; pride in ourselves.  Proud to be Throckley Primary School!