Year 2 Visits The Baltic

17th February 2017

Year 2 had a fun visit to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. Throughout the day staff from the centre inspired and motivated the children to draw, build and participate in learning about the Quayside area of Gateshead and Newcastle. The day began with the children, led by Andrew, drawing the bridges over the Tyne.  They then used card and tape to build a bridge to carry people or vehicles across the river. After lunch Leanne spoke to the children about how the Quayside has changed over the years and entertained them with funny stories about the area. Perhaps your child can tell you about the donkey and the keep? Leanne then led the children through the Baltic where they visited the outdoor viewing gallery and the mirrored stairwell. The highlight of the day, however, was definitely the lifts!! Mrs Wright and Mrs Edmundson were very proud of all the children who were well behaved and enthusiastic. A big thank you to all the volunteers for helping to make it such an enjoyable day.