World Book Day

3rd March 2017

World Book Day is always an exciting event at Throckley Primary School and WBD 2017 certainly didn't disappoint. We always try to do something a bit different each year; it is important to keep the love of reading alive and we aim to inspire children by constantly introducing them to new and exciting books and authors as well as new reading activities. From 'peer reading' to 'blind date with a book', the day was action-packed!

This year, we decided to study one text as a whole school - You Are Special by Max Lucaado. It is Mrs Stuart's favourite story and it's easy to see why - it is an inspiring and engaging tale of self-discovery. The story focuses on a young, wooden Wemmick - Punchinello - who feels worthless and unhappy. Each day, his fellow Wemmicks give him black dots which stick to him as a reminder that he is untalented and unworthy of praise. However, other Wemmicks receive golden stars which make them feel special and highly thought of. As a result, the Wemmicks with stars become more confident and hence have more success whereas the dot-ridden Wemmicks have low self-esteem and therefore do not succeed in any of their endeavors. However, Punchinello's fortunes change when he meets a girl who proves to him that he is special. The dots begin to fall off Punchinello as he starts to believe in himself.

It has been wonderful to see how different classes across the school have responded to Punchinello's story. We have enjoyed lots of PSHE time focused on exploring and celebrating our differences. We have also enjoyed awarding each other with gold stars to remind us all that we are special in our own unique ways.

Rather than dressing as book characters, this year children were encouraged to dress as themselves! They were asked to wear something that showed others why they were special or what was special to them. Costumes ranged from scouts' uniforms to doctors' outfits - it was wonderful to see the aspirations shining through!

In English lessons, we all made predictions about the story. Some classes made predictions early in the tale whereas others focused on what they thought happened to Punchinello after the story had finished. Year 4 wrote letters to Punchinello, persuading him to believe in himself and outlining all of the things that made him special. Year 3 wrote alternative endings for the story, all of which saw his life taking a positive turn once he started to care less about other people's opinions of him. Year 6 wrote newspaper articles dated a year after the end of the book, reporting on Punchinello's achievements. Known in the sorry for being 'clumsy' and unable to jump well, one Year 6 pupil reported that he had won an Olympic gold medal for the long jump. Another pupil reported that he had won a gold rosette in a horse riding competition. The aim across all year groups was to allow children to consider what we are all capable of, once we begin to believe in ourselves. As one Year 6 wrote, "Anything is possible with a little bit of self-belief."

We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures of our wonderful World Book Day!