Throckley Primary as a National Support School.

Throckley Primary as a National Support School

National Leaders of Education

National leaders of education (NLEs) are strong school leaders, who have experience of effectively supporting schools in challenging circumstances. NLEs work alongside teaching schools and other system leaders to provide high quality support to those who need it most.

In December 2016, the National College designated Julie Stuart an NLE and Throckley Primary a National Support School.  This designation includes the NLE being a Pupil Premium Reviewer.  Pupil premium reviewers work with a school to improve their pupil premium strategy so that they spend the funding on approaches shown to be effective in improving the achievement of disadvantaged pupils.

National Support Schools

When Julie Stuart was selected as an NLE, the school became a national support school (NSS). This is to recognise the fact that staff in the school are likely to work alongside the NLE in any support they may provide.

What an NLE does

NLEs usually work with schools identified as being in need of significant improvement by the Department for Education, Ofsted, a teaching school, a regional schools commissioner, local authority or diocese.  The National College maintains a school-to-school support directory for people looking to commission the services of NLEs and other system leaders. The NSS and NLE would negotiate a deal to provide services with the relevant local authority, school or other organisation.

Time commitment

NLEs and/or their NSS staff are expected to have a placement at least once over the course of a year, supporting a headteacher and their school.  The length and type of work can vary significantly. It could involve up to 3 to 4 days of support per week for 2 years or more.


The National College provides an annual bursary that can be used to cover the costs of the NSS, such as:

  • travel or supply cover for meetings and training events
  • travel to an initial meeting to discuss a potential placement
  • the cost of recruiting additional staff to increase capacity in the school

The NLE would be responsible, on behalf of their school, for negotiating appropriate funding for placements. It is up to your governing body to decide whether NLEs or other staff are rewarded financially for individual work in a placement.

We are strategic partners with two Teaching Schools.  Please follow the links below for further information: