Take One Picture

26th February 2016
  • Nursery explored light, dark and shadows, using torches, light box and a projector to find out how to make shadows and change them. The children were interested in nocturnal animals so we found out which animals come out at night and why.  We used recycled boxes, cartons and bottles to make our own towers and building like in the picture. We also created our own night time paintings.
  • Reception experimented with using different 3d shapes and torches to create our own shadows.  We used the projector, shapes and cellophane to create different coloured images.  We used oil pastels to create a sky and cut building shapes out of black paper.
  • Year 1 We mostly looked at the picture and made observations about what we could see. We then made a prediction about what we thought the picture was about and backed our ideas up with reasons.
  • Year 2 made a whole class, large scale collage as a model of the picture
  • Year 3 created their own version of shadow artwork. We made cut-outs of Galapagos creatures, and held them in front of Galapagos paintings, creating a 'Galapagos Sunset' puppet show.
  • Year 4 used ICT to create their own skylines similar to those in the picture. In English, they wrote a piece of descriptive writing, from the perspective of animals from Amazon Rainforest (which is their topic), looking down onto the 'city' in the picture, as if that was once their home.
  • Year 5 focussed on different ways to open sentences based on stereotypical New York super heros. In science we designed our own creature which was  perfectly adapted to New York and explained the adaptions. In Maths/Art we drew our own New York skyline and reflected it in the horizon using wax and watercolours for effect.
  • Year 6 As our science topic was evolution, we designed an animal adapted for life in the big city. We then wrote an information text all about our creation. In art, we practised recreating a skyline silhouette, testing and choosing between a range of mediums including watercolour, collage and pastels. Some of us chose different media for the foreground and background and we evaluated the effectiveness of our work.