Safer Internet Day

10th February 2017

On Tuesday of this week, classes from Nursery to Year 6 completed age-appropriate internet safety work as part of Safer Internet Day.  The children were very creative and the standard of work was excellent. 

  • Nursery watched a story for young children about Smartie the Penguin who knows how to stay safe when using phones or tablets with grown-ups. 
  • Year 1 & Year 2 learned about Smart Rules with Smartie the Penguin and designed their own poster about one of the rules.
  • Year 3 read a play script following a day in the life of 'Little Red', who had met a stranger in a chat room. They discussed whether they should meet people online and what precautions they must take in this situation. They sorted statements about e-safety into 'True or False' boxes and created some 'Top Tip' posters in their ICT session.
  • Year 4B analysed websites to see if they thought the information on the website was trustworthy.
  • Year 4G discussed how the things that they post online stay there forever.  They looked at how it creates an online reputation.  They then demonstrated positive reputations and negative reputations in photographs.
  • Year 5 used drama to create and perform online scenarios.
  • Year 6 analysed online data using live internet statistics.  They discussed online stereotyping and critiqued age-appropriate social media advertising.

This news story will provide you with an excellent way to start a discussion about internet safety with your child.  You will be impressed by how much they know!