Reception - Stem - Science with Art.

We have had a bubbletastic week in Reception! Our week started with us thinking about Mr Brown’s special question ‘What are bubbles used for?’  This inspired lots of discussion and the children thinking of many more additional question (see cross curricular Literacy work).  We have spent the remainder of the week trying to answer as many questions as possible and thinking of a few more along the way.  We investigated if bubble solution would clean clothes as well as washing up bubbles.  We made predictions about what might happen and which one would work best.  This sparked lots of discussion about what a fair test is and how we could make our experiment fair.  We were shocked to find out that both worked equally well.


One of our questions was ‘What colour are bubbles?’  We watched some video clips of giant bubbles and made careful observations about the colours we could see in the bubbles.  We then used pastels and a variety of sized circles to create our own bubble masterpieces.  We also experimented with adding paint to the bubble solution to change the colour of the bubbles.  We used this paint and bubble concoction to print a bubble design on paper to create the background of our aquarium picture.  The dried backgrounds were so successful we continued to experiment with lots of different colours to create our Rainbow Fish (Literacy link).