Safer Internet Day 2018

9th February 2018

Our classes learned some amazing things on Safer Internet Day!  

  • Nursery discussed the importance of being kind to each other and considering the  feelings of others. They each made their own leaves for a kindness tree and the leaves were added when one of their friends saw them being kind. We learnt that we need to be kind to people online too and that we should speak to an adult if anyone ever upsets us online.
  • Reception have created their '#It starts with us' jigsaw pledge pieces and have created a whole year group poster where they have all decorated a letter of the 'Create, Connect and Share Respect' slogan.  They have made a video clip which shows them saying the pledge.  They also refreshed their memories about what the internet is, how it is accessed and how to stay safe when using it. They talked about online strangers being the same as strangers they would meet in real life and what to do if they felt worried.
  • Year 1 used Seesaw for Schools which is a safe and secure online platform that allows them to share work and comments with their classmates.  They drew a picture of themselves and        uploaded it to Seesaw.  They then practised posting kind comments to each other.
  • Year 2 used the ipads to create an animation that illustrated the theme of Safer Internet Day:  Create, connect and share respect .
  • Year 3 used a scenario where a child was unkind to one of their friends online.  They then discussed how that unkindness made the child feel and thought of ways to resolve the issue. They also came up with examples of things that they see online which make them happy or sad and   discussed why they feel that way.
  • Year 4 read and discussed three short play scripts that outlined some problems that can arise through unsafe use of the internet. They then worked in groups and used the software, 'Book Creator' on the iPads to design our own comic strip relaying the message of our chosen script.  They acted out the script by taking photographs and adding text to make a catchy comic strip. This comic strip was then used to help children to understand how people feel when they are at the    receiving end of unsafe and unkind internet use.
  • Year 5 worked in groups and used the ‘do ink’ app and Book Creator to explore and record the outcomes of different internet safety scenarios.
  • Year 6 completed research around the different rules and regulations in English before coding and debugging algorithms to create our own quizzes and games using Scratch in ICT. In maths, children have analysed a range of live internet data to understand ‘the influence of social media’ while applying skills from across the whole maths curriculum.”