Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths Week

16th March 2018

As part of STEM Week, children have explored an element of science from their chosen country. They have completed a wide range of learning activities from creating plant related ‘guess who’ boards in    order to design their own classification keys, to studying the structure of the universe. Higher up the school, children have applied their research around Antarctica to evaluate and classify the adaptations of polar animals, such as penguins.

In technology (DT and ICT), we continued with the theme of 'Exploration and Discovery' and children have created a dish from their chosen city or country. Scrumptious smells have been travelling around school this week from all of the different dishes the children have prepared.  Children in Reception made their own butter which they ate with French bread, while children in other classes created a stuffed pepper for Paddington Bear, Asian spring rolls and Greek delicacies. In ICT, we used the IPADs and some new  green screen technology to create an informative video about our chosen city or

To learn about engineering, children in KS1 and KS2 took part in an exciting 'Parent and Children      Together' activity where they were tasked with creating the "best" paper plane by trying to engineer a plane that would either travel the furthest, or last the longest in the air. After the session in classes,  children were able to compete against each other and evaluate their designs.

In maths, there has been a range of learning taking place over the course of the week. Older children were using and applying the laws of algebra and linear number sequences to investigate a famous  London building using the nth term. Year 5 were visited by the Centre for Life and took part in an       Astromaths session where they were able to apply their maths knowledge across the curriculum to    investigate the optimum launch angle for a rocket, and to find out whether rocks had came from space by comparing their mass and their density.

Be sure to visit the Galleries  section of the website and to ask your child what exciting activities they've been up to this week.  Please plan to visit our spectacular STEM showcase event next Monday and Wednesday after school where you will have the opportunity to taste some of our food from around the world!