Digital Parenting Internet Safety Magazine -

17th November 2017

In your child’s book bag today is a copy of the latest issue of ‘Digital Parenting’ magazine.  This issue is full of helpful articles to help parents keep their children safe online.  We particularly like ‘Just One Thing’ on pages 8 & 9 where different experts give parents one piece of advice to help keep children safe.  There are also articles on digital life skills, screen time, being a tech role model, social media & body image and how to have awkward conversations.  The article called, ‘Help at Hand’ on page 41 talks you through setting privacy and parental controls  on popular apps and online services.  Each article is short and easy to read and there is a great deal of information for parents of children of all ages.  Thank you to Vodaphone for  producing this useful magazine and providing it for free to schools and parents.