Democracy at Throckley Primary

2nd October 2015

The whole school elected our Year 6 Head Girl and Head Boy this week.  This year we had 16           candidates for the positions!  Each one of them wrote a speech which was handed in to the election committee (Mrs Stuart, Mr Kidger and Miss O’Reilly).  The committee used the Head Boy & Head Girl job description to shortlist 6 candidates who then delivered their speeches in front of the entire school.  We are proud of all of the candidates and the work that they put in to their speeches for these elections.  Each participant was awarded House Points and a Head Teacher Award.  The runners-up will be given other responsibilities in school throughout this year.

We have also held our School Council elections this week with each class in Key Stages 1 & 2 electing two councillors.  The School Council will work with Mrs Stuart throughout the year to represent the children in their class by sharing their ideas and expressing their opinions.