After School Clubs for Summer Term

4th March 2016
After school club choices forms have gone out this week.  We have added some outdoor clubs so that children can spend time outdoors in the warm weather.  The Summer Term clubs are as follows:
  • KS1 Playground Games
  • Y6 Boosters
  • KS1 Multi skills and rainy day Lego
  • KS1 Colouring
  • KS2 Golden Mile
  • KS1 & KS2 Allotment
  • KS2 Raspberry Pi
  • KS2 Minecraft
  • Let's Get Cooking
  • KS1 Film
  • KS2 Dance
  • KS2 Rounders
  • KS2 Football
Lunchtime clubs will be held in order to prepare children for the Summer Term sports competitions:  KS2 Athletics and KS2 Football.  Children will be signed up for these clubs here in school.